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Activejet wins the Great Test

ActiveJet brand positively assessed by experts


PC World has taken a closer look at alternative supplies for HP inkjet printers. Activejet was positively evaluated by experts in the Great Test. Its products were not only the number one choice in the test, but were also awarded the best performance and best value for money prizes.

The winner of the test was the AH-302BRX (black) and the AH-302CRX (colour) from Activejet. Both are compatible with the HP printer. The award-winning products with white and red logos are distinguished by exemplary performance and low cost per page:

(…) the Activejet package was the only one in the whole test that allowed for printing over 400 pages. The exact result is 426 pages in colour and 1010 pages in black and white. Such high efficiency translates into the cost of printing a page at the level of 35 groszy, i.e. almost twice as low as when using HP brand ink.

This is yet another distinction awarded for Activejet products. The previous editions of PC World tests have already yielded eight awards for the brand: “Best Purchase” for the AH-655BR ink for HP printers, “Editor's Choice” and “Best Purchase” for the AH-301BRX ink for HP printers, “PC World Best Purchase” for the AB-985BN cartridge model for Brother printers, “Editor's Choice” for the ATB-1030N toner compatible with Brother brand laser printers, “Best Performance” for the ATH-85N toner, “Best Value for Money” and “Best Performance” for the Activejet AH-650BR (black) and AH-650CR (colour).


- As you can see, we are not afraid of in-depth editorial tests. Being number one in the industry is a huge responsibility. For us, the most important thing is to provide our customers with a product that not only meets their expectations, but also to respond to the customer in case of any doubts, which is not the rule in the case of the alternatives market. We have that and for that we are appreciated by our customers, to whom we are very grateful for the constant trust they place in us – sums up Artur Majewski, Activejet brand expert at ACTION S.A.